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    Mixes of the best euro, funky and jackin house hits are well suited for any dance party, gaming or listening. Party hard, party long, life is a dance floor, rock along!

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    Energy and melody indivisible

    Trance is the epitome of music. It has all the elements that make music desirable. There are moments of euphoria, moments of sorrow, moments of power...

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    When a house music met dubstep

    The pitch-bent dubstep wobble basslines and rave-style synth stabs from electro house music will bring you limitless power on the dance floor...

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    Our grandfathers knew how to have fun

    Do you want to go back in time and enjoy the atmosphere of the 30s Chicago – times of Al Capone, bootleggers and live music? Then what are you waiting for?

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    Some like it acidic

    We are some wanderers in the wheels of eternity's multiconnections. Captured in the fields of the psychedelic supernova, sharing body and dancevibes...

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DJ Amoureux - White-Ra Retro Party vol.2 (80-90th)

Wednesday, 03 October 2012 | Mixes | House

DJ Amoureux - White-Ra Retro Party vol.2 (80-90th)

Brand new mix of the 80-90th music and I hope it will please your ears. Get 2012 year remixes of the best dance music of last century and enjoy!

4.8/5 rating (28 votes)
DJ Amoureux - White-Ra Retro Party vol.1 (80-90th)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011 | Mixes | House

DJ Amoureux - White-Ra Retro Party vol.1 (80-90th)

I like the music of 80-90th and I very often playing old hits of those times in my mixes. Suddenly I got idea to create a dedicated "retro" mix with 100% hits only and here is it.